20 Websites & Resources to Start Tot School

Many parents would love to engage their toddlers in meaningful play and activities even very early in life; however, so many just do not even know where to start. Once a child moves beyond the true baby milestones, tot school can be a reality for many families. It does not have to be a day or half-day long endeavor, but just an activity each day, a set time together, or a theme to focus on for the week. But still, how do you actually start tot school? Where are great resources to help you along the way? How do you start teaching your toddler and make it meaningful? What does it really mean to tot school? Well, here are 20 great resources to help you start your own tot school with your child(ren) and prepare for preschool!

Helpful websites and resources to help start tot school, prepare for preschool, implement Montessori, and more. Teach your toddler at home! | ALLterNATIVElearning.com… 

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Free Birthing Positions Download & Bradley Method Recaps

In weeks six and seven of the Bradley method, things got a little more serious and discussion focuses more and more on labor and birthing itself. From the stages of labor to birthing positions to help alleviate pain, there were some important topics to cover. Be sure to get your free birthing positions download cheat sheet too!
Prepare for childbirth with a free download of all of the birthing positions and how they can help with different types of pain and explore the Bradley Method weeks 6 and 7 recaps | ALLterNATIVElearning

I am combining two classes again because they just go together so nicely. Class six discussed the second stage of labor and what to expect while class seven is all about preparing for birth, writing a birth plan, etc.. And guess what? At this point you are truly over half way done with preparing for your beautiful baby!… 

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Inconvenient Parenting

While we live in a world of convenience and “easy living”, our family has chosen a path where the motto is “if it’s not an option, we can’t choose it”. It may sound odd and it is definitely not for everyone, but the idea is one worth exploring. Instead of buying into a lot of claims about what is best for your family and your child, it’s important to find what works for the individual family, their beliefs, and their values. For us, environmentalism is a very important factor, so is quality time, safety, and living more closely with out roots. This all means we choose “inconvenient parenting” and make decisions that don’t necessarily make our lives easier, but they work for us and we have deemed them to be best for our children.

How living a bit more inconveniently has made me a better parent and is a choice I willingly make even if it's not right for everyone | ALLterNATIVElearning… 

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Toddler Snacks & a Balanced Diet

With growing, teething, and increased interest in food, toddlers eat a lot throughout the day. For me, this means my toddler snacks all day long and eats regular meals. The problem that I had was either she was always asking for the same food or I was not varying what I gave her… and by the end of the day I had no idea how much she had eaten or what! This made grocery shopping more difficult and I began to feel like the only 3 things in my daughter’s diet were strawberries, blackberries, and bunny crackers. Therefore, I had to devise a better plan since I knew she would be snacking throughout the day and that I wanted her to have well-rounded nutrition. Now with a major growth spurt in full swing, I also want to make sure I am feeding her body and brain to get balanced nutrients and vitamins.

Healthy snack ideas for toddlers and how to balance their diets | ALLterNATIVElearning… 

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