Independent Toddler Play Ideas with a Newborn at Home

I am so excited today to have one of my very closest blogging friends, Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures, guest posting today. She has compiled an incredible list of Independent Toddler Play ideas! These are so perfect for veteran moms who need help with their tots as they have a newborn at home and even just for the mom of one who needs some extra “me time”. Keep reading for more and to connect with Dayna and her wonderful community!

10 independent toddler play ideas

Thank you, Kara, for having me over today to share with your readers! Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family and your amazing birth story. I couldn’t help but write about ideas to keep your toddler busy when you have a newborn at home since, well, that is exactly what is happening with you, my friend. I am honored to be here and hope you and your readers will find these tips useful!… 

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What Babies can Do that’s Unacceptable for Adults

After a long morning of surviving two kids, every little thing my baby did seemed to be something that would be unacceptable for an adult or older child to do. So it started making me think how newborns are really against the grain to the rest of society. I mean, they have it so easy with the eat, poop, sleep mantra, but really… it has become a fun game for me to start to recognize what babies can do that’s unacceptable for adults. It makes my long days with a newborn go by a little faster and maybe it will bring a smile to your face as well.

What babies can do that's unacceptable for adults


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Activities to Promote Independent Toddler Play

Having a toddler and a newborn now is something that means there are times when I cannot focus my full attention on my older daughter. It also means these are great opportunities to promote independent toddler play! So whether you are in the same situation as me or you are just looking for ways to help promote toddler independence in general, check out this amazing guest post from Emma at Adventures of Adam and click on her links to get more info on these creative ways to entertain your tot.
Activities to promote independent toddler play … 

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Surviving… Transitioning to two kids

I have taken care of two kids, in fact I have babysat somewhere around five at once by myself. I even did as a teenager. But nothing quite prepares you for being a mother and transitioning to two kids. In fact, the season of life when two becomes a reality and the first week comes where you’re going to be at home by yourself with two babies is terrifying, exhausting, and exhilarating all in one.

Transitioning to two kids - the reality of the first weeks home alone.… 

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